Efrain Lugo



Panarican LLC

Feb 2016 to Present

I provide quality website development solutions to my clients. I specialize and provide services in front-end and back-end development.

Lead Drupal Architect


Jun 2015 to Aug 2017

  • Developed and implemented custom modules in PHP/Drupal according to requirements
  • Participated in meetings and regular planning and review sessions
  • Interacted with cross-functional teams to ensure complete delivery of web applications
  • Provided documentation as required and participated in code reviews, planning sessions and routine status stand-ups
  • Provided accurate level of e ort time estimates and provide recommendations for feature prioritization Assisted in release/deployment planning and execution activities.
  • Assisted with code reviews and helping developers on the team fix bugs

Worked on the following projects:

  • http://www.nhra.com (Drupal 8 - Hosted on Acquia)
    • Site consisted of content migration from an old asp.net site. I created a custom migration plugin that referenced an xml dump to migrate old articles and events.
    • I worked with NHRA's internal development team on integrating a custom Azure based web API. Which is used to populate data for their standings and events/live events.
    • I've integrated with their Brightcove video platform where they managed all video uploads.
  • https://www.haasf1team.com (Drupal 7 - Hosted on Acquia)
    • Implemented youtube as a solution for their Videos
    • Implemented a custom slider that supports html5 video loops as well as images)
  • http://www.arnoldpalmer.com (Drupal 7 Multisite - Hosted on Acquia)
  • http://www.arniesarmy.org (Drupal 7 Multisite - Hosted on Acquia)
    • Client required a multisite setup
    • Client wanted an easy visual UI for managing components so I implemented a custom Drupal Distribution called Panopoly.
  • http://www.chopra.com (Drupal 7 - Hosted on AWS)
    • Site consisted of content migration from an older Drupal database.
    • I needed to integrate a custom SSO solution for cross site authentication.
    • Integrated Salesforce CRM for all contact forms.
  • http://www.plasticsindustry.org (Drupal 7 Multisite - Acquia)
    • Client required a multisite setup
    • I created an elaborate theme settings page for any new multisite so the client so the site appearance is customizable sharing a similar codebase.
  • http://www.shopfloorexpo.org (Drupal 7 Multisite - Acquia)
  • http://www.refocussummit.org (Drupal 7 Multisite - Acquia)
  • http://www.npe.org (Drupal 7 Multisite - Acquia)

Lead Front-End Developer


May 2011 to Aug 2017